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So kind of you to give time to my blog. This page is devoted to the prodigious world of writing and literature. 

I am an aspiring writer and this blog is where I will put up all my works. I hope you read my posts and give me your valuable feedback. 



The Crazy Wonk.

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Greetings fellow wonk!

Hope you’re good!

Now here’s freshly prepared poetry for you. I got the idea of the title from a friend. So please read and give me your reviews. Hope you like it!


The crazy wonk.

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Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could enter your life stealthily
To lighten up the crevices that you hide
And make you glow in the night again

Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could fill you with the taste of romance
To resurge your feelings of love
And make you fall for me again

Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could scent you with the perfume of solitude
To let you discover the depths of life
And make you believe in yourself again

Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could whisper stories with the wind
To have you travel the world of fantasies
And make you feel like a child again

Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could be your hope as night descends
To urge you to keep going on
And make your darkness disappear again

Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could adorn your barren walls with the stars
To show you what true beauty is
And make you feel aesthetic again

Will you let me be your moonlight?
So I could cover you with the blanket of warmth
To save you from the chilly night
And make you sleep soundly again

But if you let me be your moonlight
You’ll see me at my highs and my lows
And then there’ll be times when I’ll be gone
So patiently wait for me as time flows


 Greetings fellow wonk!

How’s life?

Here’s one of those diary entries that I dug up back again. Does anyone of you keeps a diary? Isn’t it wonderful, filling up those pages and then going back to after a long time! Well, I hope you like this post. Do read and like and comment.


The crazy wonk.

It’s dusk. The street lights shine through the sparse fog. Vehicles pass by, one by one, going back home after a long, tiresome day. Night falls quickly with a graceful chill. The whole world seems to move to attain their states of rest. A figure stands just by the roadside overlooking it all, wrapped up in its own anxiousness to make sense of anything else. Its lonesome disarray has shaken it up from the inside. Its pain is trying hard to break free but the dam of discovery is strong enough to hold it back, leaving no choice but to gulp it down like a bitter pill. In the middle of the crowd, being so noticeable yet hidden, it lives in the womb of desperation. At this instance of dusk, as darkness slowly gobbles up light, like a starving man eats his only piece of bread, the figure picks on its scars and waits for the rays of hope to illuminate its world again.


Greetings fellow wonk!

Hope you’re good!

Having been MIA for a long time, I am back with a post. Not one of my best but good enough for a comeback! Do read and share your reviews!


The crazy wonk.

I sit at the edge of the wall
A span of a hand separating me from my doom
A current of fear flows through me
My legs dangle from the edge
A pendulum swinging endlessly

With a tight grip of my hands
I try holding on to what’s left of me
But I can see the life being sucked out
Drop by drop
Like a river drying up over time

With the sun burning down on my back
I ready myself to take the leap
Gathering every piece of courage I have
This nothingness will now be my heaven
My refuge from the bustle of existence

Contemplations fill my head
I breathe in the smoke of negativity
Helping me pollute my thoughts
The needle of pain lies beside me
The fuel to my dysphoria

Freedom awaits me
I let the winds carry my goodbyes
Pushing myself off the wall
And like a bird on its first flight
I prepare to embrace the downfall

But I am chained back to reality
To the life I had built
Connections that I had made
And so with one long glance to my getaway
I turn back, only to return again


Greetings fellow wonk!

Hope you’re good!

Today, I tried writing my first ever HINDI poetry. For those of you, who understand, do read and give me your reviews. I hope you like it!


The crazy wonk.

Khaali raahon mein tumhara intezaar karke
Yu hin apna waqt zaaya karti hai,
Meri tanhaai aksar tumhein yaad karti hai

Mohabbat mein bheege vo alfaaz
Mujhe kai dafa yaad dilaya karti hai,
Purani kameezon se tumhari mehak churakar
Apni yaadon ke bakse mein kaid kar leti hai,
Meri tanhaai aksar tumhein yaad karti hai

Tumhare nazdeek hone ka ehsaas dilakar
Mere ikhtiyaar ka pal pal intehaan leti hai,
Dil ke panno pe aarzoo ki syahi se
Na jane kyun tumhara naam likh deti hai,
Meri tanhaai aksar tumhein yaad karti hai

Muskurahat mein chipi unn shokhiyon ko
Nashe ke ghunt ki tarah pee jati hai,
Labon ke tumhare kareeb aate hi
Aaj bhi apne hosh-o-hawas kho deti hai,
Meri tanhaai aksar tumhein yaad karti hai


Greetings fellow wonk!

Hope everything is well!

It is my father’s birthday today. Here’s a tribute to our fathers for all they have done for us. Do read, like, comment!


The crazy wonk.

Days pass by like the wind that ruffles the trees
But the sands of time are full of mesmerising memories
The rides on your back were my best journeys
The games of chess, the best lessons
And whenever math troubled me, I would run to you for cover
Your soothing lullabies always brought sleep over
An exquisite voice like yours still rings in my ears
Those adventurous scooter drives made me conquer my fears
Discussions on science always messed with my curiosity
Every piece of knowledge was cherished to security
And every delicious dish was savoured with delight
Lessons on morality occupied the talkative
To everything I have today, I am indebted to you father
Without whom I could not have gone any farther
As you age in life gaining another mile
Yet you look beautiful when you smile


Greetings fellow wonk!

Hope you’re good!

Here’s another of those 3 am thoughts. Feel free to read, like, comment and judge.


The crazy wonk.

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Oh look at these joyful faces
Glowing in the fake light of happiness
With plastered smiles hiding the real scowls

Oh look at these cheerful faces
Bursting with optimism on the dead remains of hope
With negativity looming behind like a monstrous shadow

Oh look at these beaming faces
Painting a picture of pleasure wherever they go
With pain hiding beneath like second skin

Oh look at these radiant faces
Shining with the blush of perfection
With the wrinkles of discomfort concealed for good

Oh look at these blissful faces
Glittering like raindrops in the sun
With the storm of gray clouds ready to swarm

Oh look at these gleaming faces
Bathing their souls in the shower of virtue
With the evil being tamed in vain

But wait for the real faces
With time, to unveil
For the mask of deceit
In the end, will fail

Lost Identities

Greetings fellow wonk!

Hope you’re great!

Today is World Poetry Day and I must admit poetries are some great magic! My favourite ones from my school days are – I wandered lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth

– The Brook by Alfred Lord Tennyson

-O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

Have you heard of them? I’d be delighted to know your favourites too!

And as for the one I’ve written, do read, like and comment!


The crazy wonk.

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I am not a treasure to be hunted 

Not a mystery to be solved, 

Neither am I hole to dive in 

Nor a game to be played to win; 

I am not a glittering diamond

Nor a cake wanting to be devoured, 

Neither am I that evergreen tree 

Nor a bird that flies free; 

I am not a river that flows eternally 

Nor a clock with consistency, 

Neither am I as busy as a bee 

Nor as bustling as the sea; 

All I am, is an artist’s abandoned painting 

On borrowed colours, I am living, 

I seek when there’s nothing to find 

In the race of life I lag behind; 

But don’t judge me on how I look 

Because, I , am a closed book, 

And as the world spans another mile 

I am gathering reasons to smile.


Greetings fellow wonk!
I recently crossed a hundred views and I thank each one of you who has given their precious time to reading my posts. It means a lot to me!


The crazy wonk.

     Guide me through love, O dear!

     For emotions is not my game 

     Save me the turmoil 

     Of deciphering these feelings 

     In a maze of confusions, I reside

     Why don’t you lead the way out?

     Strange places my thoughts travel to 

     Pulling you in those fantasies 

     Give me your assurance

     That this insanity is normal

     For with you alongside

     I drown in intoxication

     But in those lonely hours of dusk

     A restless heart satisfies me


Greetings fellow wonk!
Hope everything is going great! Now, if you would just take time to carefully read this post. With this, I wanted to bring to light the various restrictions that are imposed upon our fellow female friends. Why don’t we create a better place for everyone? Let’s live and let live!


The Crazy Wonk  

Welcome to this new world

Where you are chained to the shackles of security

Where freedom has a time limit

Where you are tracked like a criminal

Where the invisible barriers are higher than the real ones

Where a permission is the only way to escape

Where you are forced to be dependent to gain independence

Where you are taught to be a coward instead of being courageous

Where your life exists within boundaries

Where you detest the very reason you are being protected for

Welcome to the girls’ hostel

Where discrimination is at its height.


Greetings fellow wonk!

It has been a long time, indeed. How about a tiny excerpt from my diary to make up for the loss? Will drop by soon!

Yours truly,

The crazy wonk.

I had been sitting on the lunch table today, trying to finish the remnants of my plate, when I began to drift back into the unknown, unexplained world of mine. 

It is a place that belongs to me, a dimension that I have discovered, and no one can intrude this secret privacy of mine. 

I realize that I can be happy in this world and sad as well; I can laugh heartily to an unheard joke and cry my lungs out to unfelt pain. This paradise of mine is full of all  colours – bright and dark, and I may be selfish enough to not let anyone borrow my spectrum.

I am no judge of the kind of person I am in reality but here, I can be who I want to be, whatever I want to be. It gives me power, possession of an intangible entity that lets me rule over everything that happens in that time. 

I do not remain a hopeless slave of fate, I become my own master! My imagination becomes my weapon and reality, my battle. 

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